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Here's what's coming in 2019 for DigitalOcean

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We’re very excited about DigitalOcean’s 2019 roadmap — Managed databases, application marketplace, managed Kubernetes, performance Droplets with dedicated CPUs, continued expansion of Spaces, and a continued focus on the developer experience end-to-end.

What are we most excited about?

Application Marketplace - We’re planning to launch a curated Marketplace that will bring vendor applications and solutions to the large community that we have and give you even more choice in the solutions you need to get your business up and running. We’ll share additional details in the coming weeks.

Managed Kubernetes - We are adding many new features to our Managed Kubernetes (DOKS) product, and plan to bring new cluster metrics, token-based authentication, a container registry, autoscaling, role-based access control support integration, support for deploying and managing workloads and other resources via the DigitalOcean UI, and the ability to upgrade your Kubernetes version automatically.

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