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scrobbyl: Automatically Scrobble your vinyl collection in real time

When we find them, we like to cover niche projects that show off the homebrew spirit that has always been strong in open source communities.

Scrobbyl is a Python utility to sample what’s spinning on your turntable and scrobble it to your account.


How does it work?

First, authenticate Scrobbyl with your account:

python auth

Next, make sure ffmpeg is in your PATH, hook up your turntable to your audio line in and run scrobbyl


Scrobbyl will create an audio fingerprint of your track, query it via the Echo Nest API, and update your account.

The term scrobbyl is a mashup of scrobble and vinyl. Be sure and catch episode #35 with Max Howell, formerly of, who built the original Scrobbler.

[Source on GitHub] [Home page]

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