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Chrome waytab.io

Get a random item you've liked/bookmarked when you open a new browser tab

Waytab connects to your browser bookmark, Github, Twitter, Pocket, Pinterest and Unsplash account to remind you of your stars, likes and bookmarks every time you open a new browser tab.

This looks like a good idea, well executed. I’ve long given up on bookmarking, liking, and starring stuff because I never go back and revisit. Waytab changes all that.

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Formatting tweets – a look at extended tweets, retweets, and quotes

To display a tweet properly, it needs to be well formatted. This means identifying and linking entities like usernames, hashtags and URLs. In simple terms, it is converting a typical tweet object like this…

It is dizzying how complex the tweet data structure has become over the years. We’ve come a long way from 140 characters of unicode.

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