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Remote pairing in the browser? Pssh!

Full disclosure: I am the creator and owner of Portly. Pssh works with or without Portly. But, without Portly, adding a local tunnel to your machine can be a pain.

If you’re a fan of episode #90 on pair programming with Avdi Grimm, you know that pairing can be an invaluable tool for debugging, learning, and just overall better code. Unfortunately, remote pairing generally gets less enthusiasm since there’s such a learning curve to the setup, and it tends to feel inconvenient.

Portly has launched a new tool called Pssh that makes remote pairing simple with just a gem and a browser. Install Pssh and run it either inside your tmux/screen session or from a vanilla shell, and your buddies can remote pair with you from their browser.

> gem install pssh
> pssh

If Pssh is started inside a tmux or screen session, it boots up its own console for you to manage users. If started from a plain shell, it behaves just like you opened a fresh console and kills Pssh when you exit.

Paired with the native Mac app from Portly, you can share a url to your session and lock it down with HTTP Authentication. Open up another browser tab to check out the changes to the local website you’re working on in real-time.

Check out the homepage, the readme or the source on GitHub to learn more about Pssh and how it works.

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