Sponsor: Apostle.io, Succeed at transactional email

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

Apostle.io wants you to succeed at transactional email.

Once you move your app's email templates to Apostle.io, maintaining them will no longer be a chore. Easily edit emails without a developer -- Instantly preview, test, and update your templates. Send test emails easily. No deploy is necessary.

Increase user engagement with per template analytics. Get visibility into which emails have been sent to a user. Opens, clicks, bounces -- every email is tracked to give you the insight you've always wanted. Drill down to see the history of a specific email, as well as the specific people the email was sent to.

Apostle.io integrates with all major email delivery providers such as Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mandrill, and Amazon SES. They can even integrate with your own SMTP service.

Send your app's email with Apostle.io -- Get started for free.

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