Adam Stacoviak

Sponsor: Balanced, Why be an open company?


Balanced believes that being an open company; drives innovation and purpose, builds passion in the community, and strengthens their commitment to drive global commerce.

Almost all the software Balanced creates is open sourced on GitHub.

If you missed episode #107 with Marshall Jones from Balanced – now would be a great time to listen. We talked about how they embrace open source software, their approach to being an open company, and their desire to release as much software as they can as open source.

Basically everything but their core fraud algorithms and code that touch the banks has been open sourced. They’ve open sourced everything from client libraries, to internal services, and even their Ember-powered dashboard.

But don’t take our word for how awesome Balanced is – Hear for yourself on GitHub’s OctoTales how Balanced is using their philosophy of an open company and GitHub to promote openness and transparency.

Thanks to our friends at Balanced for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.


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