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Build Better Software

App Quality Bundle is a time limited, deeply discounted bundle of web services for building better mobile and desktop apps.

This offer ends on April 15th. There's a time limit to buy, but not a time limit to use. It doesn't expire.

What do you get? Well, first off you're going to save 89% on a year of Sentry, Runscope, Code Climate, Circle CI and Ghost Inspector.

When combined together each of those services gives you complete app quality coverage from mobile to web.

Here's the best part.

What would normally cost you well over $9k you're going to get for $999. That's a huge savings. Beyond the deeply discounted price, once you purchase it won't expire.

This is perfect for new projects, projects that are growing up and need end to end quality coverage from mobile to web, or for development shops that take care of setting up their client services.

There's only 1 caveat to mention. This is strictly for new accounts only. There might be some exceptions to the rule, but you'll have to check the fine print or get in touch with them if you've got a specific question.

Learn more at buildbetter.software.

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