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Hey Changelog fans -- this is Manuel Weiss from Codeship. You've likely heard about Codeship on recent episodes of the podcast as we gladly are sponsoring this great show. Adam and his team has the same values as our team: We want to help developers become more efficient and smarter at what they are doing and give something back to the community.

One of the things that helps software development teams raise their game tremendously is Continuous Integration and Delivery. Facebook does it, Google does it, Amazon does it. They've got huge resources. But how can you do it?

Yeah, we've got that. As of today we are giving away Codeship for free. Read about it in our latest newsletter.

We sincerely want to push Continuous Delivery forward in the community to help create better software in the long run. That's why we made Codeship free.

100 builds/month and 5 private projects should enable all startups, freelancers and small teams to get started easily with Continuous Delivery.

Head over to our homepage and set up your first project!

Setting up your first project won't take longer than 3 minutes. While you are there you can also download our free eBook about development workflow best-practices, watch our video tutorials on our Deployment Academy, or ask us for some free stickers.

Codeship is a Continuous Delivery service that lets you set up Continuous Integration in a few steps. We automatically deploy when all your tests have passed. We support about every language and framework you can imagine and integrate with GitHub and Bitbucket and all your notification services.

Continuous Delivery being a "hard thing to accomplish" is a thing of the past. Codeship makes Continuous Delivery simple.

Special thanks to Codeship for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.


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