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Hey Changelog fans — this is Manuel Weiss from Codeship (the guy in the bottom right corner in the picture above). You might've recently read that Codeship has become free. Today, I would like to tell you a little bit about the people behind Codeship, our team :)

We have a simple vision:

We want to enable you and your team to build software as efficiently as possible. You should not have to take care of maintaining your testing infrastructure and your release process. This only distracts you from doing what you SHOULD do: learning from your users and customers, and building the best product for them.

We have extensive experience and have currently written 119 blog posts to share our learnings and tell you about Software Development best practices and efficient workflows.

We've tested and released thousands and thousands of projects to production. For the last few years, we've been focusing on building a simple, yet powerful Continuous Delivery service for you. We work on this 24/7 so you don't have to.

We are your Release Engineering team.

Want to set up Continuous Delivery for free?

Head to our homepage and set up your first project for free!

You'll get 100 builds/month and 5 private projects! That's our free plan to enable startups, freelancers and small teams to get started quickly and easily.

Codeship is a free hosted Continuous Delivery service. It focuses on simplicity and usability. You can set up Continuous Integration in a few steps. We automatically deploy when all your tests have passed.

Codeship has great support for lots of languages, test frameworks and notification services. It integrates with GitHub and BitBucket and lets you deploy to cloud services like Heroku and AWS.

Codeship makes Continuous Delivery so simple and setup only takes 1 minute.

Special thanks to Codeship for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

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