Sponsor: Rackspace, Get your $300 developer discount

Adam Stacoviak Adam Stacoviak

Rackspace Developer Discount

Rackspace continues to dedicate themselves to support the open source and developer community with their developer discount. Now you can go make something awesome, on them.

You are the makers. Each day you get up thinking of new, amazing, awesome things putting your imagination and skills to work – and Rackspace would like to give you something special. Just to say thank you.

Sign up today for their developer discount and get $300 in free cloud services on your Rackspace Cloud account. This discount applies to new products like their Performance Cloud Servers, and Cloud Queues. You’re even eligible for early access to new features and products they roll out.

Make something awesome – Get started today!

Special thanks to Rackspace for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.

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