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Sponsor: Toptal, Work as an elite freelance engineer


You’re an experienced engineer looking for freelance and remote contract opportunities, but you’re completely fed up with oDesk, Rent A Coder, Elance, or that long list of “job sites” you browse “looking” for new and exciting work.

I know how you feel – that’s exactly why we’ve partnered with Toptal. After meeting Breanden, their Co-Founder and COO, and hearing what they are doing, I knew we needed to support their mission and help spread the word. Several Changelog readers and listeners have already joined the ranks of Toptal’s worldwide elite engineer network.

Toptal is a network of roughly 600 senior engineers who freelance with companies like Airbnb, Artsy, IDEO, JPMorgan, hedge funds, hospitals, universities, etc. Three years ago, Breanden and Taso came together to create Toptal so they could work on awesome projects with elite teams from anywhere in the world…while not having to spend their time worrying about chasing clients, billing, lining up new projects, doing fixed-price estimations, and all that other stuff that keeps people from writing code and shipping great work. They built an elite engineering company around elite engineers.

Toptal is based in Silicon Valley, but almost everyone in the company works remotely – many from home, from beaches…and every place in between. You set your own hours and rates, and from there you can travel and do whatever you want as a trusted, elite freelancer.

Everyone in Toptal is a senior developer – top 100 Rails contributors, Django committers, Toptalers from CERN, MIT, Stanford, Google, and more.

Are you ready to join the best? Head here to apply.

Special thanks to Toptal for sponsoring the RSS feed this week.


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