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How Algolia uses AI to deliver smarter search

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From Julien Lemoine, Co-founder & CTO at Algolia — Search is a complex problem that can be an important business differentiator. As Doug Turnbull, author of “Relevant search” and a prominent relevance expert put it: “Delivering a truly relevant search experience has been elusive, if not a critical blind spot for most organizations.” Even market leaders in consumer-grade search like Netflix and Amazon struggle to optimize and tune their search results with their AI stack.

AI is a key part of Algolia’s strategy. We are continually investing in AI to enhance and extend our existing battle-tested solutions to the most complex problems in search. With 1 trillion searches per year touching 1 in 6 web users every day, and more than 9,000 customers, we have access to a powerful dataset that enables us to develop the most comprehensive suite of intelligent automation capabilities in the market, while maintaining our stringent data privacy policies.

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