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Solomon Hykes says au revoir to Docker

I found this section of the announcement insightful: Most ideas never materialize. Most software goes unused. Most businesses fail in their first year. Yet here we are, one of the largest open-source communities ever assembled, collectively building software that will run on millions of computers around the world. To know that your work was meaningful, and that a vibrant community of people will continue building upon it…. can any founder ask for anything more? Best of luck to you, Solomon. We’ll be waiting to see what you hack together next!


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Docker Compose and Kubernetes with Docker for desktop

Mike Coleman, Docker Technology Evangelist, writing on the Docker blog: If you’re running an edge version of Docker on your desktop (Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows Desktop), you can now stand up a single-node Kubernetes cluster with the click of a button. If you are running Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, you now have a fully compliant Kubernetes cluster at your fingertips without installing any other tools.

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