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Changelog News Changelog News #82

Quantum computing gets a reality check

2024-02-19T20:40:00Z 🎧 5,933

Ship It is back! IEEE Spectrum writes about quantum computing’s reality check, Maxim Dounin announces freenginx, Nadia Asparouhova goes deep on AI & the “effective accelerationism” movement, Angie Byron helps first time open source contributors avoid common pitfalls & Miroslav Nikolov writes up his advice for high-risk refactoring.

Changelog News Changelog News #81

We can dance if we want to...

2024-02-12T21:00:00Z 🎧 15,251

Changelog Beats drops a new Dance Party album, Will McGugan’s new Toolong (tl) terminal app, Mitchell Baker is out as Mozilla CEO, Microsoft’s Jordi Adoumie announces sudo for Windows, Tatu Ylonen tells the tale of how they got SSH to be port 22 & Jack Lindamood gives an “Endorse” or “Regret” rating for ~50 different services, tools & processes he used over the 4 years he led infrastructure at a startup.

Changelog News Changelog News #80

The promise of hackable software

2024-02-05T21:00:00Z 🎧 16,100

Geoffrey Litt thinks browser extensions are underrated, Adolfo Ochagavía on being a generalist in a specialist’s world, Jack Garbus praises the Arch Wiki, Terence Eden tries to rebuild FourSquare for ActivityPub using OpenStreetMap & Sebastien Dubois teaches us how to connect ideas together.

Changelog News Changelog News #79

$100k for indie game devs

2024-01-29T15:15:00Z 🎧 16,575

The Rune team announces $100k in open source grants for indie game devs, the Zed code editor is now open source, the Ollama team releases Python & JavaScript libraries, Max Bernstein tells the story of Scrapscript & Pooya Parsa writes up some notes from a tired maintainer.

Changelog News Changelog News #78

GitHub Actions as a time-sharing supercomputer

2024-01-22T20:15:00Z 🎧 16,786

Alex Ellis’ new actions-batch project uses GitHub Actions as a time-sharing supercomputer, combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface, Jarred Sumner announces Bun’s very own JavaScript shell, Shoelace is a forward-thinking library of web components & Martin Heinz writes an awesome guide to building an indoor air quality monitoring system with Prometheus, Grafana & a CO2 sensor.

Changelog News Changelog News #77

A plea for lean software

2024-01-15T21:30:00Z 🎧 17,705

Niklaus Wirth makes his plea for lean software, PocketBase puts your entire backend in 1 file, Vanna is a Python RAG framework for accurate text-to-SQL generation, Henrik Karlsson wants you to think more about what to focus on & Calvin Wankhede shares how he built a fully offline smart home (and you should too).

Changelog News Changelog News #76

The I in LLM stands for intelligence

2024-01-08T20:30:00Z 🎧 18,827

Daniel Stenberg is frustrated with the state of AI tooling for finding security bugs, Brian Birtles is surprised by weird things engineers believe about web dev, Feross Aboukhadijeh details the fallout from a nasty npm prank, Rob Pike shares what he thinks they got right and wrong with Go & Gavin Howard writes up why he believes “all code is tech debt” is all wrong.

Changelog News Changelog News #74

Open source LLMs are catching up

2023-12-11T20:00:00Z 🎧 21,107

A group of researchers set out to test claims that its open source rivals had achieved parity (or even better) with ChatGPT on certain tasks, Richard Hipp and his team have rewritten SQLite’s text-based JSON functions, Ratatui is a Rust crate for cooking up TUIs, Morris Brodersen built a complex app in vanilla JS as a case study & Headscale is Kristoffer Dalby’s open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server.

Changelog News Changelog News #73

Leaked GPT prompts & Firefox on the brink

2023-12-04T21:15:00Z 🎧 21,404

ChatGPT’s new GPTs feature leak their prompts, Firefox’s share of the browser market will soon drop below 2%, Robin Berjon tries to formalize a name for those who can’t be named, Amy Lai tells the tale of the weirdest bug she’s ever seen & Facundo Olano trumps the “code is read more than written” cliche with his own: “code is run more than read.”

Changelog News Changelog News #72

Was Jamstack a zero interest rate phenomenon?

2023-11-27T20:00:00Z 🎧 20,437

Zach Leatherman on the tension and future of the Jamstack community, Chenxin Li helps you avoid 13 bad practices in data visualization, Laravel Pulse is coming real soon, Max Chernyak develops a new way to accomplish long term refactors & Spencer Baugh makes the case for more libraries and less services in our software stacks.

Changelog News Changelog News #71

Watching OpenAI unravel in real-time

2023-11-20T20:20:00Z 🎧 20,609

The internet watches OpenAI unravel in real-time, tldraw has a new experiment going with GPT-4 Vision that turns mockups into code, Tony Ennis makes the case for HTML First, James Somers writes a “eulogy” to coding for The New Yorker & Laurence Tratt describes and details four kinds of optimisation.

Changelog News Changelog News #70

Share your terminal with anyone on the web

2023-11-13T19:45:00Z 🎧 19,813

sshx lets you share your terminal with anyone on a multiplayer infinite canvas, Herbert Lui writes three things about your competitors, Anton Medvedev’s fx is a terminal JSON viewer & processor, Danny Castonguay shares advice on attending large conferences & Jeremy Pinto’s experimental RAGTheDocs project is working toward an exciting reality.

Changelog News Changelog News #69

How to write a good comment

2023-11-06T19:15:00Z 🎧 21,382

David Hugh-Jones has a lot to say about what makes a good comment, Hugging Face released a distilled variant of Whisper for speech recognition, The New Stack reports on C++ creator Bjarne Stroustrup’s plan for bringing safety to the language, Jeff Sandberg declares that CSS is fun again & Jose M. Gilgado praises the beauty of finished software.

Changelog News Changelog News #68

What will React come up with Next?

2023-10-30T19:00:00Z 🎧 21,291

The hubbub of the web dev world right now is Next.js’ integration of React Server Components, Kent C. Dodds writes up why he doesn’t use Next, Lee Robinson responds with why he does, the NixOS team hits a milestone in their reproducible builds effort & OpenSign is an open source alternative to DocuSign.

Changelog News Changelog News #67

Introducing Changelog Beats

2023-10-23T19:15:00Z 🎧 17,836

Changelog drops full-length musical albums in collaboration with Breakmaster Cylinder, Justin Searls on why the right tools fail for the wrong reasons, The Unix Sheikh says we have too many level of abstractions, Adam at PiCockpit compares the newly-announced Raspberry Pi 5 to the competition & Jorge Medina assures us that we’re not lacking creativity, we’re just overwhelmed by content.

Changelog News Changelog News #66

LMMS are the new LLMs

2023-10-16T16:15:00Z 🎧 21,940

Chip Huyen documents the shifting sand of large data models, Herman Õunapuu reviews the Zimaboard, Bryan Braun shares 4 of his most recent VSCode configuration discoveries & Swizec Teller wrote a great summary of the inaugural AI Engineer Summit.

Changelog News Changelog News #65

RTO vs WFH & the case for strong static typing

2023-10-09T19:30:00Z 🎧 21,947

Jacob Kaplan-Moss’ recommendations for remote vs colocated teams, Duarte Carmo created a neural search engine from Changelog transcripts, Tom Hacohen says strong static typing is a hill he’s willing to die on, Orhun Parmaksız created a CLI that makes your keyboard sound like a typewriter & Luke Plant spits hard truths about simplicity.

Changelog News Changelog News #63

The missing sync layer for modern apps

2023-09-25T19:20:00Z 🎧 23,457

ElectricSQL is a project that offers a local-first sync layer for web and mobile apps, Ned Batchelder writes about the myth of the myth of “learning styles”, Carl Johnson thinks XML is better than YAML, Berkan Sasmaz defines and describes “idempotency” & HyperDX is an open source alternative Datadog or New Relic.

Changelog News Changelog News #62

Death by a thousand microservices

2023-09-18T19:30:00Z 🎧 24,939

Andrei Taranchenko says the software industry is learning once again that complexity kills, Casey Muratori outlines a long list of Unity alternatives, Filip Szkandera builds a functioning (macro) processor for RISC-V & Matt Basta tells the tale of the time he built a web-based Excel clone inside Uber only to have it discarded a week later.

Changelog News Changelog News #60

A portrait of the best worst programmer

2023-09-05T18:20:00Z 🎧 22,818

Dan North tells the tale of Tim, the worst programmer he’s worked with (who also is a heck of a programmer), Kevin Lin declares that OpenTelemetry delivers on its promise for open observability, Justin Garrison details Terraform vs GitOps vs System Initiative, Inc. writes how Apple beats burnout & Aline Lerner’s advice on how (not) to sabotage your salary negotiations before you even start.

Changelog News Changelog News #59

OpenTF sticks a fork in Terraform

2023-08-28T20:00:00Z 🎧 23,521

OpenTF announces they’re forking Terraform and joining the Linux Foundation, Meta gets in the LLM-for-codegen game with Code Llama, Matt Mullenweg announces’s new 100-year plan, Paul Gichuki from Thinkst learns that default behaviors stick (and so do examples) & Marco Otte-Witte makes his case for Rust on the web.

Changelog News Changelog News #58

All your CAPTCHAs are belong to bots

2023-08-21T19:45:00Z 🎧 28,355

New research shows that CAPTCHAs are now utterly useless, hundreds of concerned technologists signed the OpenTF Manifesto to keep Terraform open source forever, Josh Collinsworth writes down all the things you forgot (or never knew) because of React, Mike Seidle shared some quick-but-powerful advice on building new software features & Erlend Sogge Heggen urges new open source projects to join the Fediverse (by way of Mastodon).

Changelog News Changelog News #56

The open source licensing war is over?

2023-08-07T20:30:00Z 🎧 31,089

Matt Asay thinks the open source licensing war is over, LangUI is an open source Tailwind component library for your AI chat app, Ivan Kuleshov modded a Mac mini to run via PoE, Apple joins Pixar and others in the Alliance for OpenUSD & John D. Cook says sometimes you shouldn’t pick the best tool for the job.

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