Changelog News – Episode #9

SSH tips and tricks, retro Apple UIs, iOS Privacy and TikTok, Marta & Tauri vs Electron


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Carlos Alexandro Becker shared some SSH tips, Sakun Acharige (a Comp Sci student + visual design enthusiast) created System.css, Felix Krause built a browser app that shows the JavaScript commands being executed by iOS app in-app browers, Yan Zhulanow decided to create Marta, and Lőrik Levente did a comparrison between Tauri & Electron using a real world application he’s building called Authme.


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1 00:00 Hello world
2 00:35 Great job Jerod!
3 00:59 SSH tips
4 01:35 System.css
5 02:12 iOS privacy
6 03:02 Marta
7 03:27 Tauri vs Electron
8 04:21 Tauri app size
9 05:37 Outro
10 05:53 Bonus clip from Silicon Valley


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