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27 reasons you should subscribe to Changelog News

  1. Every word we publish is 100% human-crafted.
  2. We do NOT redirect or track your link clicks.
  3. You can hover on a link to preview where you're headed.
  4. It costs the same amount as a free cup of coffee.
  5. You might actually start looking forward to Mondays.
  6. You'll be one of 21k+ intelligent, highly attractive subscribers.
  7. Who doesn't want to be intelligent & highly attractive?
  8. We've been in the software game for over 20 years.
  9. We try to keep puns & bad jokes to a minimum.
  10. But every once in awhile, one slips through...
  11. A dev has a problem, decides to use Java, now has a ProblemFactory.
  12. Oh nice, that joke was better than you expected.
  13. We feature the best community submissions.
  14. Each episode is chapter'd for easy navigation.
  15. Who else takes the time to list 27 reasons to subscribe?!
  16. We hand-pick our partners so even the ads are useful!
  17. Specialization is for ants! This is a polyglot operation.
  18. You like receiving email, but not the spammy stuff.
  19. We like sending email, but not the spammy stuff.
  20. Sometimes we take meme breaks, which are on point.
  21. Like the one from issue #66 is funny... if you commit to it.
  22. Emoji are lovingly sprinkled on. Not too much! Just a pinch 🤌
  23. You get to enjoy the freshest Breakmaster Cylinder Beats
  24. Your colleagues will be so impressed by how plugged in you are.
  25. We've been known to ORDER BY LENGTH(title) ASC. Seriously
  26. You can reply! We read every message & respond to many.
  27. We keep our word. This is the 27th (!) reason to subscribe.

The only news I look forward to every week. Some weeks, I play it twice. Quick, witty, informative & positive. Rock on, Jerod!

Mary H.

I gotta say the Changelog Newsletter is the best programming journalism I've seen in years.

Justin Searls

I get lots of information. Changelog News is the one I don't skip, in both podcast and newsletter form.

Chris Woods

Informative, concise, funny. Pick any three 😎

Maroš Kučera

The newsletter so good I consider it a competitive advantage.

Fraol Lemecha

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