Be Our Guest

First off, thank you for joining us on ! Here's what you can expect:

Before Recording

We strive for the best audio quality possible (within reason). Things you'll need to achieve this:

  • A good external microphone or USB headset (Impossible? We can make earbuds sound OK)
  • Headphones (Over-the-ear preferred)
  • A quiet place to record
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A Skype account

Send us your Skype username via email and add changelog-2 as a contact. Need help? Contact Adam or Jerod. We're here for you.

During Recording

Be ready on Skype approximately 5-10 minutes prior to recording for a quick soundcheck. We will contact you. Please do not call us since we'll be preparing. Here's some tips and tricks for a great show:

  • Put your mobile device(s) on Silence and Airplane Mode.
  • Have a glass of water nearby to avoid the dreaded Dry Mouth Syndrome.
  • Relax. Have fun. Bring your opinions.

After Recording

The hard intimidating talking part is over! Your episode will be professionially edited, produced, and transcribed. Then:

  • We'll email you when your show is published.
  • You'll get an awesome t-shirt as a thanks from us.
  • We'll all share and promote the episode!

Please do share your episode. You put a lot of effort in to what you do and we want to see its impact maximized. Our guests' favorite places to share their show:

  • Project Website and/or README
  • Personal Website, Blog, and/or Medium
  • Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, etc.

The email you receive will also include a snippet you can use so people can listen to your show without leaving your site. Here's a preview of what it looks like:

Night Theme

Day Theme

That's All!

Thanks again, we truly appreciate it! 💚💚💚

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