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Exploring different perspectives in open source sustainability. It's about the human side of code.

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Open Source History, Foundations, and Sustainability #16

#15  Maintaining a Popular Project and Managing Burnout Guest: Christopher Hiller

Christopher Hiller joined Nadia and Mikeal to discuss the ups and downs of maintaining Mocha - a JavaScript test framework that runs on Node.js and in the browser. Discussions included maintaining a popular project, getting funding, the challenges of having money, raising the profile of a project, focusing on the needs of a community, and managing burnout.

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#13  Open Source and Supercomputers (Spack) with Todd Gamblin Guest: Todd Gamblin

Todd Gamblin – a computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab – tells Nadia and Mikeal all about bringing open source to his peers in the national labs. They discuss what it’s like to open source a project inside the government, how Todd found contributors for Spack, why he got involved with NumFOCUS, and much more.

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#12  Crowdfunding Open Source (Vue.js) with Evan You Guest: Evan You

Evan You joined the show to talk about his work on Vue.js. We learn how Evan found users and got Vue.js off the ground, the details behind their crowdfunding on Patreon, whether or not crowdfunding is a viable method of sustaining open source, finding balance in life and work, and plans for funding beyond the Patreon campaign.

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