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A community celebration of JavaScript and the web.

We're on hiatus, but hope to regroup and relaunch in 2018!

JS Party JS Party #10

yayQuery Reunion!

In this special episode, it's a yayQuery podcast reunion. Alex Sexton, Paul Irish, Rebecca Murphey, and Adam Sontag are back for a takeover episode here on JS Party where they catch up on the latest happenings in JavaScript, share JavaScript predictions, thoughts on TypeScript, React, PWAs, and more.

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Mikeal Rogers Avatar JS Party

Meet Mikeal Rogers

In this show we meet Mikeal Rogers, Community Manager for The Node.js Foundation, host of Request For Commits, and panelist on this show — JS Party. Mikeal shares his backstory, where he's coming from, topics he's excited to discuss, and how you (the listener) can get involved and play a role in this show each week as we celebrate JS and the web platform.

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