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“If it's not already in Node.js Core, then it shouldn't be added.” HTTP/2 in Node.js Core #231

#231  HTTP/2 in Node.js Core with James Snell Guest: James Snell

In this special episode recorded at Node Interactive 2016 in Austin, TX Adam talked with James Snell (IBM Technical Lead for Node and member of Node's TSC and CTC) about the work he's doing on Node's implementation of http2, the state of http2 in Node, what this new spec has to offer, and what the Node community can expect from this new protocol.

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#229  Python, Django, and Channels with Andrew Godwin Guest: Andrew Godwin

Django core contributor Andrew Godwin joins the show to tell us all about Python and Django. If you've ever wondered why people love Python, what Django's virtues are as a web framework, or how Django Channels measure up to Phoenix's Channels and Rails' Action Cable, this is the show for you. Also: Andrew's take on funding and sustaining open source efforts.

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#228  Servo and Rust with Jack Moffitt Guest: Jack Moffitt

Jack Moffitt joined the show to talk about Servo, an experimental web browser layout engine. We talked about what the Servo project aims to achieve, six areas of performance, and what makes Rust a good fit for this effort.

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