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Conversations About Sustaining Open Source #263

#261  Building an Artificial Pancreas with Elixir and Nerves with Tim Mecklem Guest: Tim Mecklem

We talked with Tim Mecklem about building an artificial Pancreas with Elixir and Nerves to help those with Type 1 Diabetes who want to "loop" — a process which involves monitoring glucose levels, predicting where a person's glucose levels are heading, then delivering insulin based on that prediction. Tim is a Developer at Gaslight in Cincinnati where he builds software solutions with Ruby and Elixir, and he's a member of the Nerves Core team.

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#259  ANTHOLOGY — The Future of Open Source at OSCON 2017 Guest: Kelsey Hightower Guest: Safia Abdalla Guest: Nadia Eghbal Guest: Mike McQuaid

This is an anthology episode from OSCON 2017 featuring awesome conversations with Kelsey Hightower (OSCON Co-Chair and Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform), Safia Abdalla (Open Source Developer and Creator of Zarf), and Mike McQuaid and Nadia Eghbal (GitHub Open Source Programs).

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