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“The less we change and the less we put into Node Core the more stable it will be.” "Small Core" – Keeping Node Core Small #6

#5  OSCON London 2016 - Coby Chapple Guest: Coby Chapple

In this episode of Spotlight recorded at OSCON London 2016, Jerod talked with Coby Chapple, a product designer at GitHub (since 2012), about projects, transactional code reviews, and GraphQL. Coby drops a lot of knowledge bombs in this interview. You don't want to miss this episode.

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#4  All Things Open 2016 - Anna Derbakova Guest: Anna Derbakova

In this episode of Spotlight recorded at All Things Open 2016, Adam talked with Anna Derbakova from IBM after her jam packed talk on Blockchain and Hyperledger about the fundamentals of blockchain, how this technology is revolutionizing finance, banking, IoT, supply chains, manufacturing, and any other applications out there that can benefit from a "smart contract", The Hyperledger Project, and the exciting opportunities that exist in the future for blockchains.

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#3  OSCON London 2016 - Kris Borchers Guest: Kris Borchers

In this episode of Spotlight recorded at OSCON London 2016, Jerod talked with Kris Borchers about the launch of the JS Foundation right after their big announcement to learn about this new foundation and its mission for the JavaScript community and open source.

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#2  OSCON London 2016 - Katrina Owen Guest: Katrina Owen

Welcome to the first Spotlight series recorded at OSCON London 2016. Jerod talked with Katrina Owen, an accomplished speaker, creator of the excellent coding practice and feedback site,, and the co-author of 99 Bottles of OOP. Have you ever heard the story of how Katrina went from anonymous developer to sharing a byline with Sandi Metz? She shared all the details during this face-to-face chat.

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