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Rollbar, CircleCI - Paul Biggar

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Indeed, Darren Nix

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Rollbar, Move fast and fix things

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We’re big fans of Erik Kennedy and his work on Learn UI Design. By the way, have you subscribed to his Design Hacks newsletter? Our friend Shawn “swyx” Wang says it’s an “instant open, every time.”

Here’s a personal note from Erik about his newsletter. You can subscribe here.

Erik Kennedy here. I’m a big fan of the Changelog; had a legit blast talking about tactical design advice for developers on The Changelog a couple years back. As a developer-turned-designer, I’ve struggled with finding actually practical UI advice that could help me make my crappy-looking designs good. That’s why I made Design Hacks – an email newsletter of short, practical design tips. Hope you like it ✌️

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Postman Icon Postman – Sponsored

What does it mean to be API-first?

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APIs have evolved beyond the role of mere interface. In the past decade, APIs have become the building blocks of modern software and businesses. Whether at tech pioneers like Amazon and Netflix or century-old grocery chains and federal agencies, organizations are using APIs to offer new services externally and deliver efficiencies internally.

But, what does it mean for teams and orgs to adopt an API-first development model? This guide from Postman will answer this question and give you the tools and API platform to build on.

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