Changelog News Changelog News #29

Data tool belts, Build Your Own Redis, the giscus comments system, prompt engineering shouldn't exist & ALPACA

Jeremia Kimelman takes stock of his “data tool belt”, Build Your Own Redis with C/C++ is ready to read, giscus is a comments system powered by GitHub Discussions, Matt Rickard says prompt engineering shouldn’t be a thing and won’t be a thing in the future & Kolja Lubitz’s ALPACA is engine for building adventure games and interactive comics.


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2023-02-06T00:15:19Z ago

I prefer the news episodes where they are, but would probably subscribe if they were on their own feed.



Omaha, NE

I’m a software developer. I like learning stuff. I think space is cool. I want astronautical engineering to be my final career. We’ll see what happens.

2023-02-07T20:01:30Z ago

I like the name of the news brief. I like the time of news brief. I like the length. I’m an idea guy, but honestly I can’t think of an idea that would improve the current format.

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