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Frak takes an entirely different approach to generating regular expressions

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Hot on the heals of our Verbal Expressions coverage comes Frak by Joel Holdbrooks.

Frak also generates regular expressions for you, but it does it in a completely different way. With Frak, you don't write an expression to match string patterns. Instead, you give it a set of strings and it generates an expression which matches them.

Frak is written in Clojure, so you install it by adding a dependency to your project.clj file:

[frak "0.1.2"]

To use it, simply require it, pass it a collection of strings, and it will return the resulting regular expression:

user> (require 'frak)
user> (frak/pattern ["foo" "bar" "baz" "quux"])
user> (frak/pattern ["Clojure" "Clojars" "ClojureScript"])

Check out the README to learn how it works, see some benchmarks, and get frak'in!

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