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letmein: Minimalistic authentication plugin for Rails 3 apps

logged by @logbot 2011-09-13T17:13:09Z permalink #ruby #rails

If Devise/Warden/etc. still do too much for your taste, check out LetMeIn, a less-is-more approach to the age old problem of AuthN.

There are no built-in routes/controllers/views/helpers or anything. I’m confident you can do those yourself, because you’re awesome.

In this case, minimalistic doesn’t mean a lack of features. I love the way <class_name>Session objects are created for you based on the models you’ve configured:

LetMeIn.configure do |conf|
  conf.models     = ['User', 'Admin']
  conf.attributes = ['email', 'username']

Check out the entertaining README for details.

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