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OmniGroup Frameworks: Objective-C frameworks for Mac OSX and iOS apps

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The Omni Group, makers of wildly popular Mac and iOS products such as OmniFocus and OmniGraffle, want to share some of their code with you.

The OmniGroup Frameworks are a set of Objective-C code libraries for both Mac and iOS that peform a wide range of common tasks.

  • OmniFoundation includes a set of low-level objects like OFStringScanner for scanning Unicode strings, OFRegularExpression for Regex, and OFMessageQueue & OFQueueProcessor for multithreaded operations.
  • OmniDataObjects resemble CoreData light, built on top of SQLite for Mac and iOS.
  • OmniAppKit provides types like OAOSAScript for enabling AppleScript in your app, OAPreferences for multi-pane preferences windows, and OAFindPanel for find-and-replace tasks.
  • OmniInspector is the inspector seen at work in OmniGraffle, OmniFocus, OmniOutliner and OmniPlan
  • OmniNetworking provides higher-level types to work with TCP, UDP and Multicast networking.

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