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Renee - Sinatra-inspired Rack framework for über DRY routing

logged by @logbot 2011-10-16T01:39:42Z permalink #ruby

Josh Hull knows Sinatra. As part of the Padrino, he also knows about creating new alternatives to popular frameworks. His latest effort is Renee, a web framework for Rack that aims to DRY up your routes.

We wondered though, as Sinatra fans, if we were to come up with a cleaner and more powerful DSL, what might that look like? Let’s consider an example from Sinatra to see where we can do better.

The result is a pivoted syntax that turns the routing DSL on its side:

path 'blog' do
  var do |id|
    @blog = Blog.get(id)
    get { halt @blog }
    put { @blog.update(request.params); halt :ok}

I can see how powerful this could be for creating complex REST APIs. Check out the nicely designed web site for more.

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