Changelog News Changelog News #32

Sidney Bing, Elk for Mastodon, writing an engineering strategy, what's next for core-js & cool tool lightning round

Simon Willison rounds up the goings on around Microsoft’s new GPT-powered Bing search, The Vue/Vite team build a nimble web client for Mastodon, Will Larson writes about writing an engineering strategy, Denis Pushkarev seeks support to maintain core-js & I share a lightning round of cool tools I’ve found and used recently. ⚡️


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Alex R

Alex R

2023-02-22T12:35:16Z ago

I really liked the lightning round! Very cool to get some quick tools/tips for things to check out with a short synopsis from about their purpose/thoughts 😁

Also, I don’t think I’ve heard of “prompt injection” before. Pretty good name though 😅

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