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compat-db determines the browser compatibility of ALL browser APIs

This tool aims to go above & beyond what MDN and caniuse have accomplished by automating the generation of the compatibility tables for others to use. Access to the output is programmatic, which scales to more developers via tooling such as static analyzers.

Click through for a deep-dive on how it works (spoiler: browserstack is involved) and how Amila optimized its required test executions by 95%.

Open Source

A checklist of things to consider before releasing your project

There’s lots of good advice here, covering:

  1. 🎨 Initial Presentation
  2. 💰 Value Proposition
  3. 💯 Project Quality
  4. 👑 Branding
  5. ✈️ Onboarding Methods
  6. 🧹 Code Conventions and Infrastructure
  7. 📣 Spread the Word
  8. 🤑 Funding

If you read the Spread the Word section closely you’ll notice Amila is following his own advice. 😉

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