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Writing like a pro with Vale & Neovim

Bhupesh Varshney’s been using Vale (a syntax-aware prose linter) in his writing workflow and it has significantly impacted the words he chooses. Here’s how he describes the tool:

Just like when writing software we use static analysis tools to find common problems, vale aims to help writers configure what words/prose to choose while writing technical documentation.

Neovim is Bhupesh’s fav editor. In this post he walks through getting Vale all set up and running with it.

Open Source

One secret tip for first-time OSS contributors 🤫

Bhupesh Varshney:

A lot of folks looking how to get started on open source are given very generic advice on how to approach their first contribution. In this newsletter issue I share one specific actionable item.

His secret tip? Solve static analyzer issues. There, I saved you a click. Unless you’re not sure what he means by that or want his advice on how to actually get that done…

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