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Hi, I’m Courtland, a full-stack web developer, MIT grad (CS 2009), and YC alum (W2011).

I run Indie Hackers, where developers talk about making money from their side projects, apps, and online businesses.

You should tweet me (@csallen) if you want to get in touch personally. You can also email me at if it’s related to Indie Hackers.

San Francisco, California · Twitter · Website

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Indie Hackers is indie again!

Courtland Allen:

Exactly six years ago (to the day!), Stripe acquired Indie Hackers to help us grow and inspire millions of people building online businesses.

Today, I’m happy to announce that @channingallen and I are indie hackers again!

So what now?

Well, if we want to survive and thrive, we’re going to have to generate revenue just like any other business! I’m an entrepreneur at heart and always have been. In fact, working at Stripe was my first and only salaried job.

Right now we’re sitting at exactly $0 in MRR, so the journey is just now (re)starting.

Welcome back to the club, guys! Exciting times 💯

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