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Why ML in production is (still) broken and ways we can fix it

Hamza Tahir on HackerNoon:

By now, chances are you’ve read the famous paper about hidden technical debt by Sculley et al. from 2015. As a field, we have accepted that the actual share of Machine Learning is only a fraction of the work going into successful ML projects. The resulting complexity, especially in the transition to “live” environments, lead to large amounts of failed ML projects never reaching production.

Productionizing ML workflows has been a trending topic on Practical AI lately…

Why ML in production is (still) broken and ways we can fix it

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Is it worth getting a CS degree in 2021?

I’ll admit, the TL;DR of this HackerNoon piece is a bit disappointing:

Is a computer science degree worth it? For me, partially. For you? You tell me.

Having said that… Sun-Li’s experience and results of going back for a CS degree despite already being a professional software developer with a full-time job are super interesting and maybe even informative about the state of the industry.

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