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Is DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckDone?

Kev Quirk:

DuckDuckGo, the privacy centric search firm have been found to be allowing Microsoft trackers through their browser. It’s dishonest, and I’m really disappointed.

Noteworthy: this is the DDG browser, which I’ve never used. Not the search engine. But still, this is concerning like Kev says:

DuckDuckGo tout themselves as being highly transparent and privacy respecting in everything they do. So to discover that they have been keeping this tidbit of information from their users — one that goes against the very fibre of the company — is a little concerning for me.


Is dark mode such a good idea?

Kev Quirk shares his thoughts on dark mode and links to various research on the science behind it.

I’ve decided to stop using dark mode across all of my devices, because research suggests that going to the dark side ain’t all that. … But after doing some research on dark vs light, I’ve made the decision to stop using dark mode everywhere. Here’s why…

Is dark mode such a good idea?
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