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Why your application should not be responsible for delivering logs

A deep dive on how UDP and TCP affect log delivery and what that means for your application’s complexity in delivering logs. This is a follow-up post to the one we linked to awhile back on why their team ended up with a centralized logging solution. That piece was quite popular (and quite good), so you may enjoy this one as well.

Iurii dev.sweatco.in

Why we ended up with a centralized logging solution

In the process of moving to our ideal logging system, we constantly discussed the pros and cons of different solutions, and each of us defended the requirement close to them or changed the configuration parameters they needed, asked intriguing questions or sent us back to the original set of requirements.

I love write-ups like this one from the trenches where people share their journey to deciding on a particular solution. Every decision has a context and many blog posts gloss over that, resulting in silver bullet-y hand waving. That’s not super useful when trying to make your own decisions. What is super-useful is being able to understand the circumstances in which others made a choice. That way you can decide if your situation is close enough to theirs to make a similar decision… or not.

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