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I have 7+ years of professional software development experience, and 2+ years of leading engineering teams. My development experience is split across Fullstack web development, game development, and iOS and Android app development.

I always aim to do things in a right way (because there is no one right way) that fits our needs and with foresight for future growth, I consistently strive to do everything practically, at an extremely high quality, and with honesty and transparency.

I am a constant improver, I’ll always aim to maximize our utilization of anything we use, and to improve upon existing tools and processes. I try to make sure people around me are doing what they believe is right.

I apply these principles in every aspect of my career (whether it’s software, management, or any part of my job) and life, especially when dealing with things that are new to me. I am very glad to do things that push me out of my comfort zone.

I am always extremely thankful to every one who helped me to get here and to continue moving forward, and I love to meet new awesome people and help out wherever I can.

Last but not least, I want to make sure that whatever I build adds value to people, either by giving them some joy and fun through games I make, or enhancing and enriching their lives through software.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia · Twitter · GitHub · Website

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Lessons learned from a year of fighting with Webpack and Babel

Webpack and Babel are awesome, this article isn’t trying to say otherwise. We wouldn’t be able to use a lot of things if it weren’t for them, but the experience of using them together needs to get better. I faced many of these issues over the course of many months and understanding them/finding solutions was incredibly difficult (error messages don’t exactly tell you what went wrong and searching for them doesn’t always give relevant results), and I hope this article can act as the guide I had hoped to find back then.

I love posts these where you take your hard-won learnings and share them with the world in an attempt to save others from the same headaches.

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