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I help companies make interesting things for their developer customers. Co-founder of DeveloperMode.

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Patrick Woods

Building TwilioQuest from the ground up

Twilio uses a custom-made, 8-bit RPG game to teach developers their APIs, both online and at events like Superclass and Twilio Signal. Created by Kevin Whinnery, TwilioQuest is a premier example of how to educate developers without putting them to sleep.

“Younger generations of technologists […] have grown up collecting loot and gaining XP”

Patrick Woods

5 types of developer community projects

If there’s one thing successful community projects have in common, it’s that they all provide something valuable to the developers who use them.

Has your organization considered building a community project that’s meaningful for developers? Here are five of the most common types of developer community projects and how they create value for the community.

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