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Configuration done right in Python

Steven Loria:

Stop using unversioned settings files and start storing configuration in environment variables (see The Twelve-Factor App). environs makes it easy to parse environment variables with built-in type-casting and validation. It will even read .env files, which are handy for local development.

💯% agree with using environment variables for configuration. I used to do the .gitignore a Yaml file thang, but nowadays it’s all direnv and/or dotenv.


Making the Node.js REPL more productive

Project-specific REPLs for Node.js

I’m a bit surprised this functionality isn’t in the box, nonetheless:

local-repl saves you from typing out imports every time you open a new Node.js REPL. You specify the modules and objects that you want to automatically import in either package.json or .replrc.js.

It also lets you use await in the REPL without wrapping your code in async functions. That sounds quite nice.

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