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A pocket-sized guide to working from home

No matter how many of these WFH articles I read (or podcasts I listen to), there’s usually still one or two tips and/or perspectives I glean from each one. This is a nice piece on the Taskade Blog that starts by unpacking these three common tips:

1️⃣ Become a (Master) Communicator 📣
2️⃣ Find Your Work Sanctum 🏡
3️⃣ Make Time for Work (And Play) ⏰


How to foster remote workplace camaraderie

This article argues that workplace camaraderie is possible when teams:

  • 🛶 Paddle in the same direction
  • 🎯 Share similar goals and values
  • 🤔 Have meaningful, focused conversations

But what does ‘camaraderie’ even mean in the workplace context?

Workplace camaraderie means loyalty towards your employer and colleagues. It’s a sense of belonging and commitment that binds a seemingly unrelated bunch of people. It’s the glue that keeps businesses and organizations together.

There are challenges to generating and sustaining camaraderie when people are in the same physical space. It’s even harder when they are not. The linked article has some good advice in that regard, as well.


Google Wave’s failure is a great lesson for modern real-time collab tools

Google Wave was all the rage in 2009, but interest soon fizzled. This post takes us through that history, answering this question along the way:

With the full weight of Google 💰 behind it, why aren’t we all using Wave today? What caused a revolutionary, real-time collaboration tool to fizzle out in just a few short years?

What can we learn from Wave’s failure? The author has one key takeaway that will serve all of us well to keep in mind.

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