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Monitoring my weather at home 🌩️

Tyler Cipriani:

Despite their best efforts, all weather apps will eventually lie.

Weather is often hyper-local…

So, in 2013, I set up a Davis Vantage Vue integrated sensor suite (ISS) and mounted it on a pole attached to my garage.

The heart of his system is WeeWX, a free and open source weather station software written in Python. Ten years later, he’s learned some things, but he’s still using his homegrown weather monitoring.

Tyler Cipriani tylercipriani.com

Toxicity in open source discussions

Tyler Cipriani read “‘Did you miss my comments or what?’ Understanding Toxicity in Open Source Discussions,” and learned about entitlement:

The term is new (to me), but the paper renders a familiar scene, “The author is usually visibly upset about not being able to use the tool, often complaining about wasted time.”

The situation is all-too-common and exhausting. And when it happens over-and-over, maintainers give up.

It made me wonder: why have I never seen “entitlement” in a code of conduct?

Good question…

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