Changelog Interviews – Episode #45

Redis In-Memory Data Store

with Salvatore Sanfilippo

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Wynn caught up with Salvatore Sanfilippo to talk about Redis, the super hot key value store.


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  • VMware signs the paychecks for Salvatore and Pieter Noordhuis
  • Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store and data structure server wherein keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets
  • Redis internals consist of ANSI C with an evented model
  • Non-blocking replication has always been a Redis design goal
  • Replication in Redis is async
  • Salvatore’s Redis toolbox includes the Redis Ruby gem and Sinatra
  • Chances are you can find a Redis library in your favorite language
  • The C client is the only officially supported wrapper
  • Salvatore thinks the NoSQL moniker isn’t perfect, focusing too much on performance, but it frames a discussion
  • Redis Pub/Sub is perfect for real-time apps
  • GitHub’s adoption of Redis in Resque helped fuel the growth of the project
  • Redis users tend to use it as a database, as a messaging bus, or as a cache
  • Salvatore thinks hosted solutions like Redis-to-Go need to add more value like more frequent backups and seamless upgrades.
  • Blizzard uses an 8-node Redis install in serving avatars for WoW
  • Justin Campbell asks will VMWare feature Redis in any upcoming projects?
  • Ezra Zygmuntowicz and GitHub were among the first “few brave users”
  • After a few months Salvatore noticed a dip in adoption , but he trusted his gut and stuck with it


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