The Changelog – Episode #70

Foundation and Other Zurb Goodies

with Jonathan Smiley and Matt Kelly


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Wynn caught up with Jonathan and Matt from Zurb to talk about Foundation, their HTML5 front end scaffold and many projects from the Zurb playground.


Notes & Links

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  • Jonathan Smiley - Design lead at Zurb
  • Matt Kelly is a developer at Zurb
  • The Zurb playground showcases many Zurb’s front end experiments.
  • Zurb foundation is an easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.
  • Bootstrap from Twitter bakes in more style opinions and currently does not target mobile devices.
  • Zurb Foundation ships in Rails, Compass, two WordPress, and ASP.NET MVC flavors.
  • Flickr Bomb is a more entertaining alternative to
  • Joyride is a fun way to do feature tours.
  • Zurb buttons are super awesome.
  • Orbit is a lightweight image slider for jQuery. The version bundled with Foundation supports responsive layouts.
  • Reveal is an easy way to add great looking modals to web apps.
  • Zurb also offers a set of free apps including Axe and Strike.
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