Changelog Interviews – Episode #80

Luvit and Lua Bindings for libuv

with Tim Caswell


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Wynn caught up with Tim Caswell to talk about Luvit, his new project that provides Lua bindings for libuv.


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  • Adam recently married the lovely Heather.
  • Tim Caswell is a long time friend of the show, creator of the How to Node blog.
  • Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language.
  • Luvit = Lua + libUV + jIT = pure awesomesauce.
  • LuaJIT’s FFI library allows calling external C functions and using C data structures from pure Lua code.
  • Luvit can take advantage of most Node libraries as long as they use non-blocking IO.
  • Rackspace is using Luvit in production already, but without HTTP.
  • Tim likes the callback style of coding that V8 promotes.
  • Wynn asks where Node.js is on the Gartner hype cycle.
  • Luvmonkey is a port of libuv bindings for SpiderMonkey.
  • Tim fails to see the use case for AMD.
  • Tim worked with Jeremy Ashkenas on CoffeeScript while at Document Cloud.
  • Candor is a language inspired by javascript, but with less features and, therefore, less complexity. So no semicolons, no exceptions and simplified anonymous function syntax (dart-like).
  • Tim has played with Go but likes Rust better.
  • Tim is now working at Cloud9 and their cloud-based IDE.
  • Surely Tim isn’t “the only JavaScript developer within a hundred miles of” Red Lick, TX.
  • Nodebits is another Node.js blog.
  • Bert Belder and Ben Noordhuis are the “libuv guys” at Cloud9.
  • Boot2Gecko is “an early-stage project to expose all device capabilities such that infrastructure like phone dialers can be built with Web APIs.”


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