The Changelog – Episode #83

Cloud 9 IDE

with Ruben Daniels and Matt Pardee


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Wynn caught up with Ruben and Matt from Cloud 9 to talk about what’s new with their IDE in the cloud.


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  • Ruben Daniels is the CEO of Cloud9.
  • Matt Pardee is a developer & evangelist for Cloud9.
  • Tim Caswell was on a previous episode is an employee at Cloud9.
  • Cloud9 is the README editor at GitHub.
  • Ruben was on a previous episode of The Changelog talking about
  • The Cloud9 IDE runs on a Node server.
  • VFS is an open source virtual file system implementation for node.js.
  • Sublime Text is a cross platform text editor.
  • Ace is an open source code editor written in JavaScript.
  • Heroku and JoyentCloud are cloud application platforms.
  • Selenium is used for browser automation.
  • Express is an open source node.js web framework.
  • NPM is a package manager for node.js.
  • Pastebin and gist are both ways to share snippets and pastes.
  • Architect is an open source plugin system for node applications.
  • treehugger is an open source JavaScript Abstract Syntax Tree library.
  • Matt’s programming hero is Linus Torvalds.


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