Practical AI – Episode #268

Autonomous fighter jets?!

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Yep, you heard that right. Autonomous fighter jets are in the news. Chris and Daniel discuss a modified F-16 known as the X-62A VISTA and autonomous vehicles/ systems more generally. They also comment on the Linux Foundation’s new Open Platform for Enterprise AI.



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1 00:00 Welcome to Practical AI
2 00:43 Keeping fully connected
3 03:19 Autonomous AI in fighter planes
4 06:36 AI double standards
5 12:31 Sponsor: Ladder Life Insurance
6 14:35 Testing airspaces
7 21:30 OPPEA
8 28:26 New video gen. models
9 33:39 Accelerated development
10 35:19 Using video gen. in education
11 38:05 Practical Ai webinars
12 40:09 Thanks for joining us!
13 40:25 Outro


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