Ship It! – Episode #64

Bass: the beat drop after Concourse

with Alex Suraci (vito), creator of Concourse CI & Bass

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Our today’s guest spent 4 days building a feature for his side project so that we could ship it together on Ship It!, while recording. The feature is called rave mode, and the context is Bass, an interpreted functional scripting language written in Go, riffing on the ideas of Kernel & Clojure. When the local build runs, you can now press r to synchronise the beats of your currently playing Spotify track with the build output. For a demo, see bass v0.9.0 release.

Please welcome Alex Suraci, a.k.a. vito, the creator of Concourse CI and Bass.

This episode is dedicated to the late John Shutt, the creator of Kernel.

Your ideas continue in Bass.

Thank you for getting them out into the world.



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Gerhard & Alex shipping bass v0.9.0
Gerhard & Alex shipping bass v0.9.0


1 00:00 Welcome
2 01:18 Sponsor: Sourcegraph
3 04:22 Intro
4 08:57 The ONLY Concourse view
5 10:06 The design
6 11:15 Biggest early challenge at Concourse
7 15:52 To work on Concourse
8 17:10 Bass
9 19:15 What's better than declarative?
10 22:00 Commands
11 24:19 Multiple themes??
12 26:15 What's a thunk?
13 26:48 Space invaders
14 32:23 Sponsor: Sentry
15 33:16 Run time compiler
16 35:10 Where does it all run?
17 38:31 Github runner
18 40:25 The Ship It file
19 44:40 Rave mode
20 55:20 Sponsor: Retool
21 56:12 Sponsor: Akuity
22 58:21 Let's ship it
23 1:08:43 Should caching be close?
24 1:12:20 Conway's game of life
25 1:14:02 What did you enjoy the most?
26 1:16:24 Nix and Bass
27 1:17:53 0.1.2
28 1:28:04 Wrap up
29 1:30:29 Outro


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