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21 ways to use feature flags in 2021

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Here are a few ways to use feature flags from this post, or check out the full list.

Rate limit APIs - You can customize how many requests each API route can send based on a purchased tier or contractual commitments. For example, a common use case of operational feature flags is limiting API calls to 100 requests/minute for all customers, but making exceptions for some.

Run a chaos experiment - Chaos engineering is about intentionally injecting failure into systems to see how they react and identify points of weakness. Explore how you can use feature flags to control how failures are presented or identify how to recover from them during your next chaos experiment.

Test in production - No matter how much testing you do in pre-production, nothing is the same as testing in production. Feature flags provide the ease of mind you need to deploy a feature to production knowing you can quickly disable if things go wrong.

Run an experiment - Not sure whether a feature will have the return on investment you’re hoping for? Run an experiment. Experiments let you collect data on how a feature impacts performance or conversions or other metrics important to your business to help guide decisions.

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