Ten Years of Changelog

Join us in celebrating a decade of conversations, news, and community.

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By the Numbers

793 Episodes

33 Full Days of Audio

14M Listens

600+ Guests & Contributors

5.35TB Raw Audio

infinity Lives Changed

The Timeline

November 5, 2009

First post! Everything started with the post “Welcome to The Changelog”

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January 2010

Recorded episode #10 with Chris Wanstrath, co-founder and former CEO of GitHub

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January 2010

Partnered with GitHub to syndicate The Changelog podcast to GitHub Explore

October 2010

Launched Founders Talk

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August 2012

Wynn Netherland resigned and started at GitHub

February 2013

Relaunched on WordPress with a new site and design

April 2013

Returned from our pod-fade

May 2013

Joined the 5by5 podcast network

August 2013

Jerod joined the editorial team

October 2013

Jerod joined as an official co-host of The Changelog

February 2015

Adam resigned from Pure Charity to go full-time on Changelog Media

May 2016

Launched Go Time

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September 2016

Partnered with Fastly

Thanks, Fastly!

November 2015

Branding workshop with Elevate

October 2016

Launched our new branding and a new site on Phoenix and Elixir

January 2017

Worked with Breakmaster Cylinder on a new theme for The Changelog

March 2017

Launched JS Party

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June 2017

Partnered with Linode

Thanks, Linode!

December 2017

Partnered with Rollbar

Thanks, Rollbar!

January 2018

Launched new site design featuring the news feed on the homepage

April 2018

Relaunched JS Party

July 2018

Launched Practical AI

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July 2018

Launched Backstage

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April 2019

Relaunched Go Time

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August 2019

Launched Brain Science

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September 2019

Jerod joined full-time on Changelog Media

November 2019

Celebrating 10 years of Changelog


Who knows?

Kind Words

Simeon Burns


Twitter Icon

As a father of 3 kids <= 2 yrs old, @changelog has been an amazing way to stay current with OSS and coding trends. Highly recommend it!

J R Mykolyn


Twitter Icon

@changelog going through your backlog of episodes is now my favourite pastime.

Chris Bach


Twitter Icon

So much fun to be on the hugely popular @changelog podcast with my co-founder @biilmann. Thanks to @adamstac and @jerodsanto for having us!

Anteron, a 🥖 in 🇸🇪


Twitter Icon

Ok I just discovered @changelog while searching for podcasts on Spotify. I'm amazed at the amount of good stuff over there (and also relieved that my understanding of the English language is good enough for it) 😁

Chris Schneider


Twitter Icon

Started listening to @changelog podcasts and am really impressed by the content quality. #JSParty #TheChangelog



Twitter Icon

Do you 💖 #JavaScript? We suggested listening to JS Party, a podcast all about JavaScript and web development

Horst Rutter


Twitter Icon

The @changelog knows what's going on..

Aaron Greenlee


Twitter Icon

Yesterday I found the @changelog master feed. Great podcasts.

Asbjørn 🐻 Ulsberg


Twitter Icon

I can’t believe I’ve managed this long without being a @changelog subscriber. The podcast is so good I had to back up to the first episode available in iTunes (#36). Favourite episode so far: “44: Ruby 1.9, Nokogiri, Tender Lovemaking” with @tenderlove.

Stefan Buck


Twitter Icon

If you are a podcasts listener, add @changelog to your list. It's by far my favourite tech podcast! The latest episode with @rjs is a MUST listen. Many insightful principles for building products.

Sam Coren


Twitter Icon

@changelog rules for open sourcing their transcripts ❤️ I love them 😍

Adam Barrett


Twitter Icon

@changelog has opened my eyes to many new things, but most importantly @BrkmstrCylinder #musicIsLife

Joshua Sheppard


Twitter Icon

I’ve really enjoyed the first 50 episodes of ⁦@PracticalAIFM⁩ - looking forward to the next 50!

Definitely not bored on my drive to Costco... Thanks @changelog

Ross Wintle


Twitter Icon

The Brain Science podcast from @changelog is really helpful. This episode on coping was just what I needed this week. Proper insight and tactical tips for owners of human brains.

Matthias Ott


Twitter Icon

Loved listening to this brilliant conversation on the @JSPartyFM podcast: @chriscoyier joins @noopkat and @jerodsanto to talk about The Great Divide in front-end-land, its causes, and ways to overcome it.

Jordan Siaw


Twitter Icon

I’ve heard the @changelog's opening theme at 1.5x speed so many times now that it’s the only version I recognize

THE Schmitz


Twitter Icon

I cannot recommend @changelog enough. Best #Podcast for #developers imho. #listenandlearn

Arpita Bhattacharjee


Twitter Icon

@changelog Your podcasts really inspire me.

Guido Marucci Blas


Twitter Icon

Am I the only one opening the Podcast app every day checking if there is a new release of the @changelog ?

$justin; 🧢


Twitter Icon

Love listening to @changelog daily. I feel like I learn something new every single time!

Roy Asfar


Twitter Icon

Love @changelog's podcasts. I may not get everything the first time I listen, but I finish each podcast knowing a whole lot more. #DevOps #uxdesign #alwayslearning

Justin Dorfman


Twitter Icon

Got to say, @changelog has the best weekly newsletter. A lot of TLC goes in and it shows. 👏

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