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Bash is a shell and command language interpreter for the GNU operating system.
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A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes

The goal of this repository is to document known and unknown methods of doing various tasks using only built-in bash features. Using the snippets from this guide can help to remove unneeded dependencies from your scripts and in most cases make them that little bit faster.

I often start out with a bash script, but as soon as things get complicated I ditch it for Ruby. With this collection in hand, perhaps I can get a bit more done without throwing the baby out with the bash water.


How to create a bash completion script

A tutorial for adding bash completion to scripts using the bash programmable completion facilities.

Why bother?

  • to save users from typing text when it can be auto-completed
  • to help users know what are the available continuations to their commands
  • to prevent errors and improve their experience by hiding or showing options based on what users have already typed

I’m a tab-completion junkie, so the more people that know how to do this, the better!

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