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A bot is an application that runs automated tasks over the Internet.
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Stealth – a Ruby framework for creating conversational bots

This is a lot like Ruby on Rails (even with ActiveSupport & ActiveRecord built-in), but instead of views you have replies. It works for both voice-based and text-based bots and has NLP offerings baked in too. 🍰

The only bummer is that service integrations are currently limited to Facebook Messenger and Twilio SMS. That’s pretty normal for a new open source offering, though, and it’s a great place to hop in and contribute.


Automating new contributor issues with First Timers Bot

GitHub also has something like this as a standard in their docs.

Hoodie has these super awesome first-timers-only issues that guide new contributors through the contribution process. The problem was that creating these step-by-step issues would usually take the maintainer longer than to do the fix themselves. So Gregor asked us to build a bot that would automate this process. And so First Timers was born!

Listen to The Changelog #264 to get the full back story on Probot

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