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Running Datasette on Glitch

We talked with Simon Willison about Datasette on The Changelog #296. For the uninitiated, Datasette is an awesome tool for exploring and publishing data, and now you can play with it on Glitch.

The worst part of any software project is setting up a development environment. It’s by far the biggest barrier for anyone trying to get started learning to code. I’ve been a developer for more than twenty years and I still feel the pain any time I want to do something new. Glitch is the most promising attempt I’ve ever seen at tackling this problem.

This evening I decided to get Datasette running on it. I’m really impressed with how well it works, and I think Glitch provides an excellent environment for experimenting with Datasette and related tools.

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Building a GitHub app with Glitch, Probot, and Recast.AI

Floor Drees:

Yesterday I attended a Craftwork Amsterdam workshop with the promise to ‘create a GitHub App’. With the help of ‘Hubbers’ Don, Bas and Anisha we built a bot that triages GitHub issues.

It’s always fun to read how folks pull together different tools/services to scratch an itch (or just have some fun).

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